Sustainability Policy


Our Contribution Towards A Sustainable Planet Whilst Elevating Happiness Through Live Experiences.

As a Producer and Promoter of live entertainment we want to do what we can to help address our industry's impact on global warming.

We recognise the importance of making sustainable changes in our productions and at our workplace. Our sustainability policy is rooted in a commitment to reducing our environmental impact and supporting initiatives that help mitigate climate change.

Proactive Partnerships

We are also committed to promoting sustainability throughout our supply chain and strive to partner with suppliers and venues who share our values and adhere to responsible environmental practices. These proactive partnerships collectively contribute to reducing the overall environmental impact of our industry.


Furthermore, we are dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and inspiring positive action among our peers and stakeholders including employees, artists, and fans. As part of this we introduced our ShowPlanTr initiative; planting a Tree for every ShowPlanr event starting in 2021; with hundreds of trees already planted.

We will actively engage in educational campaigns, events and initiatives that promote sustainability and encourage our staff, performers and crew to make conscious choices that support the environment. By leveraging our platform we aim to amplify the message of climate action and inspire others to join us in making a positive impact.


Efficient Team

  • Remote/home working and 'essential travel' policy for staff
  • Paperless first: no unnecessary printing of documents e.g. payslips, policies, riders, contracts etc.

Efficient Operations

  • Efficient Tour travel schedules to reduce impact
    • Vehicle sharing where possible
    • Operate newer more energy efficient vans.
  • Investing in renewable energy sources and optimising our energy consumption, and utilising energy-saving technologies.
    • LED Lighting only on our tours
    • Rechargeable batteries on all our in house productions
  • Reusable Stage Sets - Design and build reusable stage sets and props to minimize waste from event to event.

Efficient Communications

  • E-Ticketing: Promote electronic ticketing and mobile apps to reduce the use of paper tickets and explicitly discourage customers from printing tickets.
  • Responsible Printing: Use eco-friendly printing practices for event promotional materials, using recycled paper and vegetable-based inks and continue to only send venues print that they request.
  • Public Transportation: Encourage attendees to use public transportation.

Finally, we acknowledge the importance of continuous improvement and will regularly review our sustainability practices to ensure that we are aligning with the latest environmental standards and best practices. We will set measurable goals and regularly monitor our progress, aiming to enhance our sustainability performance constantly.

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