To elevate happiness through live experiences.


At ShowPlanr we are:

Authentic - we act with integrity and we are honest and fair in the way we treat customers, colleagues, partners and other stakeholders. We promote our live experiences accurately, we work in good faith and we tackle any challenges that arise proactively.

Passionate - delivering high-quality live experiences is something we genuinely care about. We believe the power of entertainment to provide happiness and bring people together through shared experiences is pretty special and we're proud to play our part in doing that.

Friendly - putting smiles on other people's faces is easier if we're smiling too. We're serious about the work we do but we enjoy it as well - we may not have an office with beanbags and table football but we do aim to create a fun, positive working environment which we hope is evident in the way we interact with our stakeholders.

Collaborative - we're strong believers in collaborating to achieve more, be that within our own team, with the venues we visit or with other promoters and producers. Whether it's achieving greater scale or sharing expertise, we're always open to working with the right partners to strengthen our offering and enhance customer experiences. We also value the feedback of those who attend our events - the live experiences we create are all about the audience after all!

Creative - we work with, and employ, some extremely talented producers, performers and crew, all working incredibly hard to deliver exciting and varied live experiences. We like to experiment - be it creating new shows, forging new partnerships or taking our live experiences to unusual new spaces, whilst also refreshing our established shows so audiences want to come back again and again.

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