ShowPlanr Tickets Booking Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply when purchasing tickets via ShowPlanr Tickets (  ShowPlanr Tickets is powered by Gigantic, therefore all bookings are subject to Gigantic's terms and conditions which can be read in full at: 

By purchasing tickets via ShowPlanr Tickets you confirm that you have read and accepted Gigantic's terms and conditions in their entirety.

If you have a query about these terms and conditions or the booking process please visit:

Or contact their Customer Services team at:

If you have a general query about the content of a ShowPlanr show you can email the ShowPlanr team at (we cannot answer questions regarding specific orders - for queries regarding making a ShowPlanr Tickets booking or an existing ShowPlanr Tickets order please contact Gigantic as above).

Open Air Cinema The following terms apply specifically to all Open Air Cinema events (unless otherwise stated within event-specific information and/or communication), and apply in addition to ShowPlanr Tickets (Gigantic) general terms and conditions of booking.

i) Age Restrictions - parents should check film content and age certificate prior to purchasing tickets. Age restrictions and recommendations for children may apply due to the nature and suitability of the film. Whilst age recommendations and restrictions may be placed on some screenings, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to make their own judgement as to the suitability of a production prior to booking. If you would like more information please visit Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

ii) Recording The use of cameras, recording equipment, and mobile phones is not permitted.

iii) Quiet screenings: iii) a) Headphones will be provided once your ticket has been scanned. Please treat your headphones carefully and return them when the screening has finished. iii) b) Where appropriate and when the film certificate allows for children to be present at the screenings, the cost of headphone hire for children is available for those aged 12 and under. Adult tickets are required for those aged 13 and over. Please ensure you have purchased the correct ticket type(s).~ iii) c) Tickets purchased are solely for the rental of a set of wireless headphones to accompany the advertised film screening.  iii) d) Personal Medical Devices - if you use any personal medical devices (including but not limited to a pacemaker), please consult your doctor to determine whether the use of the headphones/transmitter could possibly affect your medical device. iii) e) Noise levels - please respect the rest of the audience and refrain from shouting at the person sitting next to you (with your headphones on you may not be able to hear your own voice but others will).